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The Rewards program is our way of showing how much we appreciate you for being one of our most loyal guests.

Key features of the Club remain unchanged.  Foremost is that it’s a “multi-tier rewards” program.  The tiers allow us to provide you with more personalized treatment and specialized benefits based on how you play.
All players will move into the tier or card level they’ve earned based on play within the past twelve months. Qualifying points are used to determine your level. There are two (2) levels —Surf and Crest. The higher your card level, the more rewards and benefits you’ll receive.

  • Surf — The introductory or first tier in the Players Club. Membership is open to all guests, giving you an opportunity to enjoy many of the clubs benefits. Players in this tier have earned between 0—49,999 points.
  • Crest — The top tier belongs to our Club members who have earned 50,000 or more points. Once a member qualifies for this elite group the skies the limit on rewards.

How do I earn points?

Just insert your Players Club Card in the machine while you play. You earn a point for every dollar you play!

How long will I keep my card level?

The points you earn accumulate during a 12-month calendar year from June 1st through May 31st the following year. Points earned during this time are used to determine your card level.

  • Your card level is valid from the date earned through the end of the calendar year (May).
  • Points are reviewed quarterly. If you qualify for a higher card level you automatically move up at this time and begin receiving more discounts and rewards immediately.
  • Your card level won’t drop but can increase as you earn more points and you’ll stay at the same level from the date earned to the end of the following calendar year.
  • Example: You are currently in the Surf tier and earn 50,000 points by September 1, 2015. Your card level moves to Crest, and you keep that level until June 2017 (the calendar year following the year your level increased).
  • Your points reset each calendar year.
  • Your points must be earned each year to maintain card levels.

How do points work?

  • Every $1 you play at slots equals 1 point
  • Every 500 points equals $1 in rewards (SBC Bucks).
  • Your SBC Bucks are redeemable in the dining area, gift shop and for gas vouchers.
  • Checking the value of your SBC Bucks is easy. Just place your card in a slot machine and the amount displays (i.e. 2 equals $2.00). You can also see the value at Guest Services.
  • Your points no longer display on the slot machines. Checking these are also easy – just stop by Guest Services when you want to check where you are and how close you are to moving up in the Club.
  • Your SBC Bucks stay on your card until you use them (they do not reset at the end of the calendar year or change if you move from one card level to another).

How can I spend my Player Club SBC Bucks?

The SBC Bucks you’ve earned are redeemable onsite for food, gift shop merchandise, and gas vouchers.


As a Player Club member you’ll receive special offers and participate in special events and promotions. These include FREE PLAY, POINT MULTIPLIER DAYS, and personalized benefits that grow as your card level increases. You also earn points that increase your card level and convert to SBC Bucks. All Club members receive a celebratory BIRTHDAY meal – just stop by Guest Services sometime in your birthday month to receive your free voucher



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Join the Players Club

Shoalwater Bay Casino's Point Break Players Club is the best way to ensure you are the first to receive all of the latest promotions, free play, special room & dining comps, and much more!


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